About Us

A little bit about us, why we are so passionate about car detailing and everything that goes with it

About Definition Detailing

Where it all began

Believe it or not, Sam Huck's career in the automotive industry didn't start with cars. At the age of 16 he began working as a shop assistant at a local scooter dealership, where he would clean a range of scooters every day. These were a number of classic Lambrettas and Vespas as well as some newer automatic scooters too. It was here where Sam realised that he had a passion for all things motoring and gained a passion and basic knowledge for vehicle cleaning.

Whilst working at this garage Sam met the owner of a local, well respected powder coating company who we still use to this day to carry out our alloy wheel refurbishments. This was the first business relationship that was nurtured from way before Definition Detailing was even thought about. Having a personal connection with external companies has many advantages for both us and our customers.

The beginning

After working in a few low paid jobs, Sam established a company which ran successfully for 2 years but due to unforeseen circumstances had to close it's doors. After a few months of rescue attempts, Sam found himself faced with the situation of having no more funds and having to close the business.

After what was a sad situation Sam decided to pick himself back up and try and turn a negative in to a positive. He took his final £900 in the bank and invested it in to car detailing equipment. He spent the full amount on a pressure washer, vacuum and chemicals etc, basically everything that he needed apart from a van. He saw a van at a local car dealership, so he sold his car and then had to negotiate the price of the van because he didn't have enough money, but without a van the whole thing wouldn't go ahead