Cleaning car pedals

No matter how much you clean the footwell and mats, if your pedals haven't been cleaned properly then the interior will still look unfinished. Your cars pedals get a lot of stick, they get muddy, stamped on and generally pretty abused. Most modern cars have more intricate designs now, rather than just a flat rubber plate, these modern designs give dirt more areas to embed into and make the pedals harder to clean.

The first thing that is paramount to cleaning any part of a car, but especially the pedals is a good all purpose cleaner (APC). Many people use kitchen cleaners but frankly these are not up to the task, kitchen cleaners are basically de-greasers, you don't need to de-grease a muddy pedal. There are many good APC's out there, Autosmarts G101 is a good choice but can be difficult to get hold of due to the fact that they only distribute through their franchisee's, so you can't buy it in shops. The APC of choice for us at the moment is one made by a company called Mabur Chemicals, a Leeds based company who produce some fantastic products, in our opinion this is the best APC we have used and use it in all our cars now.

A good APC is a good start, after that you will need a detailing brush to really work it in and get the dirt out. If you can't get hold of a detailing brush then a bristle brush, the type used for washing up will do the job, you'll just have to watch that it does't spray everywhere.

You want to spray a liberal amount of APC onto each pedal, let it soak and then agitate the dirt with your detailing brush. We then wet vac the pedals and repeat however many times needed to have removed all of the dirt. Remember to brish around the sides of the pedals as they get dirty too, give them a final wipe with a microfibre cloth and around the footwell as you may of sprayed APC around there too and thats the job done.

Cleaning car pedals isn't a hard job, but it does finish off the look of a car. If you are in the Yorkshire area you may want to think about getting a valet from Definition Detailing where everything will get cleaned, including your pedals. To find out more Click Here

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