How to protect your car for the winter

In the winter, a cars paint gets a lot of stick. It is subject to far more dirt, salt and a lot of road grime coming off the road. If the paint work is not protected then some of this dirt can etch itself in to the paint, which will dull the shine and overall appearance of the car.

A standard car wash will use what is called a "rinse wax" this is a thin layer of wax applied with water and then rinsed off. Although this wax does serve some purpose, it's not really thick enough to form any real barrier of protection, so a car in the winter will need added protection to keep your car in the best condition.

When customers ask me what they can do to protect their car in the winter, they have two options. The first is a hand applied hard wax, depending on which wax you use this will last around 6 months and will provide a decent level of protection. You may still get some tar spots, but they will be lessened because your car has been protected by the wax. The downside to this is that some chemicals may strip the wax, leaving sections of your car unprotected.

The second option customers have for protecting their car is a ceramic coating. A ceramic coating is made from Si02 which is one of the hardest materials on earth, once bonded to your paint this will last for 2-3 years so obviously lasts much longer than a wax. A ceramic coating has a lot of benefits, one of which is that very few, if any contaminants will stick to your paint enabling you to keep your paint underneath in top condition. One of the other huge benefits is that your car will become almost fully self cleaning, because there are no pores in a ceramic coating for dirt to attach into, when it rains the dirt finds it easier to be carried in the water, meaning most of it is carried off your car and it is clean again

The two options obviously have different prices, wax is a cheaper option and much quicker to apply making it appealing to people who are after something to do themselves fairly easily. A ceramic coating is the more expensive option, it should be applied by a professional like us and takes a full day to apply. The benefits of a ceramic coating far outweigh a wax and if you have both available to you, most of the time a ceramic coating is by far the best way to go.

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