Leather & fabric coatings

definition detailing are able to apply nano coatings to both leather and fabric seats, carpets and other interior upholstery
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ABOUT our ceramic coatings

Definition Detailing are able to apply a range of nano-coatings for both leather and fabric. These coatings do not change the way that a material feels, in leather cases they form a barrier over the leather which helps to prevent dirt trapping and also dye transfer from jeans. For fabric the coatings work by sealing each individual fibre, the fabric still feels the same but it is no longer able to absorb water or dirt. So if you do happen to spill fluid on your fabric seats or carpets, the liquid will roll off or sit on top of the material ready to be wiped up

Both our leather and fabric coatings require no additional maintenance, they help keep seats, carpets or any other upholstery looking better for longer

Our process

how we achieve award winning results


Leather prep

Deep leather clean

Seams stretched and cleaned

Full dry of leather

Final inspection


Fabric Prep

Deep shampoo treatment to remove stains

Wet extraction

Fabric fully dried


Leather coating application

Coating loaded on to leather

Coating reapplied in heavy wear areas

Coating buffed off to remove any excess and left to cure


fabric coating application

Coating misted over fabric

Cured and then coating applied again

Any problem areas coated for a third time

Definition Detailing are the only accredited and certified applicators for AutoBead in West Yorkshire

Thanks Sam, the car is nothing short of immaculate

Dan | Halifax

Couldn't believe how much easier [the car] is to wash

Malcolm | York

Thanks for your hard work on the car, the shine on it is amazing

Larry | Bradford

The paint looks spot on, will let you know how I get on when I wash it. Also that window coating is brilliant

Peter | Leeds

Thanks Sam, the beads on the car look amazing!

Ben | Leeds


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