Leather Protection Coatings

Leather can look great in your car, but when its dirty it can look awful and be hard to clean due to the fact that it is sensitive to chemicals and dirt can be ingrained in the texture of the leather. Our coatings form an invisible barrier over the leather making it easier to clean and resistant to dye transfer

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Leather Protection Coatings

About our coatings for interior leather

Definition Detailing are accredited by Zirconite for their full range of products.

We often see leather that has ingrained dirt that is very hard to remove or seats that have been permanently damaged from dye transfer, usually from jeans.

Zirconites leather shield is the perfect solution to these problems, it lasts 12 months plus and shields your leather from dye, dirt and spillages.

It also restores faded leather and fully nourishes the leather so that it feels really supple.

We apply leather coatings on a fully mobile basis across Yorkshire. We are fully accredited by Zirconite meaning that you get a full guarantee and can be assured that the products are used exactly how the manufacturer has designed them

Mobile Car Valating

This cream leather seat has dye transfer from the driver getting in and out of the car with jeans on

Here's how it works

Deep Clean

The seats are first given a very deep clean to remove any dye transfer, spillages and general dirt. Each seat is intensively cleaned and dried

Coating the leather

The leather coating is then applied in a specific pattern using specialist applicators, we pay extra attention to the areas that we know are susceptible to damage such as dye transfer etc

Enjoy your protected leather

Your leather is now protected for at least the next 12 months, this will lock in the freshly cleaned leather and shield it from any dirt ect

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