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Professional car detailing Leeds. Leading applicator of ceramic coatings, specialists in Range Rover and Porsche detailing as well as catering for all other models from every day cars to prestige.
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We are the only ceramic coating company in Leeds to be Approved, Certified and Accredited by Zirconite for applications of their professional ceramic coatings meaning that you get a 10 year manufacturer guarantee on your ceramic coating

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About Definition Detailing

Welcome to Definition Auto Detailing - a company founded on an obsessive eye for detail and customer satisfaction! We offer a range of bespoke valeting and detailing services in Leeds and the surrounding Yorkshire area. We can bring our mobile valet service to you wherever you need it: whether it’s at home, at work or anywhere else that your car might need cleaning.

We work on all makes and models of car - from Fords to Ferraris, we’ve seen it all! With a huge range of available services, we’re able to keep your car looking great whether you want a simple valet, paint decontamination, machine polish or ceramic coating.

Definition Detailing believe that our continued success is a combination of genuine passion for what we do, and using the best products for the job. We carry our full range of high-quality products on our vans at all times, and we’re fully mobile so we’ll come to you!

We provide Car Detailing Leeds, Bradford, Huddersfield, York and also in the wider Yorkshire area

We have hundreds of satisfied customers throughout Yorkshire - get in touch today and see what we can do for you.

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Definition Detailing offer a fully mobile car valeting service in Leeds and the surrounding areas. We carry everything on our van to keep your car looking its best, we can also carry out some paint correction or interior wet cleaning whilst valeting your car

Over time your paint can become contaminated with brake dust, iron fallout and road tar. These affect the overall shine of your car and mean that no matter how much you wash it, the car will never look totally clean. We offer both chemical decontamination and clay bar treatments

Definition Detailing are a leading applicator of ceramic coatings in Leeds and the surrounding areas. A ceramic coating is basically an ultra-hard layer on top of your paint which protects it from swirls, small scratches and paint contamination. As well as the benefits of protection from a ceramic coating, they also add a fantastic, candy like gloss to your paint

Definition Detailing are one of the best choices for paint correction in the UK. Over time your paint will get lots of small scratches and swirl marks, this is most noticeable in the sun, but it will affect your paint in all weathers by looking more dull than when it was new. We can restore your paint to a better than new condition and remove all swirls and scratches, this can then be locked in with a ceramic coating or a wax

Used Definition Detailing a couple times, once for a full valet and the other for my engine bay cleaning. Both times I was more than happy with the results. Felt like a new a car getting in it after. Would recommend!
Jonathan Nicholson | Seat Leon

About Us

Definition Detailing is a company formed on customer satisfaction, we want every single customer who uses us to be completely happy with the job that we do for them.

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Car Detailing Leeds

Rolls Royce Dawn

The owner of this Rolls Royce contacted Definition Detailing wanting a full car wash and interior valet. We gave the interior a standard clean including a full vac, the dash and vents were all dusted and the full gloss black interior polished to give it an as-new finish. The exterior was given a pre-wash to soften all of the dirt on the paint and whilst it was soaking we gave the wheels an intensive wash. The car was then rinsed off and a Ph neutral snow foam applied to the bodywork, whilst the snow foam was doing its job, the hood was given a deep clean. Again, everything was rinsed off and the car given a full shampoo wash. Once fully cleaned the car was rinsed with ultra-pure water and left to dry, once dry it was given a full wax to add protection and shine to this amazing car.

1938 Bedford Truck

With more history than we can possibly fit into this paragraph, this 1938 Bedford Truck is the oldest working truck in England. Definition Detailing were contacted to give the truck a full detail wash for the Directors funeral, with an occasion as important as this, we were delighted to be the choice of McCarthy's Removals in Leeds. The truck was given a full exterior valet, the wheels were given an intensive wash and all the tyres were dressed, the exterior chrome was all polished by hand. The interior leather was conditioned and all the painted wood was fully cleaned. This was an extremely important job for McCarthys and we enjoyed doing it because it's different. We also clean some of the staff cars at McCarthy's Removals in Leeds.

Truck given a Mobile Car Valet
Machine Polished Range Rover

Range Rover Vogue

This customer contacted us because their beloved Range Rover Vogue was getting a bit old and had lost it's shine. The interior was fairly well maintained but the exterior was fairly dull and in the sun showed up a lot of swirls and scratches. The interior was given a standard vac, leather conditioned and all vents, centre console and dashboard cleaned. The wheels were given an intensive wash, because the wheels on Range Rovers are so big, it is important that they look their best or it ruins the overall look of the car. The exterior was fully washed and the paint given a full chemical decontamination to remove any metal fallout or tar that is embedded into the paint. Once the car had been given the final wash, it was then given a light enhancement with a fine finishing polish and a rotary polisher. We used a couple of different sizes of pad to be able to get into the smallest areas to ensure that the full car had the best shine possible. Once we were happy with the condition of the paint all over, we then applied panel wipe and treated the paint panel by panel. This removes any dirt or oils left behind by the polish and lets us see the paint clearly and also allows the wax to have the best adhesion to your cars paint. Once we have fully inspected our work and are completely happy with it, we then apply a hard wax to protect the paint and add some shine. The picture on the left has not been altered at all, you can see the deep shine on the car which had previously had a fairly hard life. This customer was delighted with the work and at just how much of a shine the paint had, even in the sun there were very few visible swirls on the paint and it looked amazing!

Land Rover Discovery

This customer contacted us because their Land Rover Discovery was about 6 months old and they wanted to keep it looking its best and protect the paint with one of our Ceramic Coatings. Firstly the paint was fully decontaminated and checked for swirls and scratches, in this case there were very few so there was no need to machine polish the car. After the decontamination we treated each panel with an IPA solution to ensure that the paint surface was completely clean for the ceramic coating. The coating was applied panel by panel and left to cure for an hour before applying a ceramic top coat to seal the coating and protect it from the elements. The ceramic coating applied will last for upto 5 years and will protect the paint from contaminants such as tar and metal fallout which would usually embed itself into your paint. Not only does a ceramic coating protect your paint, it also adds gloss to your car and makes it far easier to wash due to the fact that dirt cannot stick to your paint as well. This customer wanted to wash the car themselves so we gave them all the advice needed of how to wash it and what products they should and shouldn't use on their new ceramic coating. Definition Detailing are one of the leading applicators of Ceramic Coatings in Leeds and this is one of many Ceramic Coatings that we apply on a fully mobile basis.

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