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Definition Detailing offer a wide range of services to keep your car looking fantastic inside and out

Mobile Car Valeting

The "Definition Standard" Valet

The Definition Standard valet is the only valet that we offer. No complicated packages or half measures, just a good standard valet, you then have the option to add further services such as carpet wet cleaning, scratch removal etc as and when you need them. See more

Valeting a car

Detailing Services

Car paint decontamination

Paint Decontamination

Over time you cars paint can become contaminated with many things such as metal fallout, tar, tree sap and a range of other things that stick to your cars paint work. We can decontaminate your paint either with special formulated chemicals or by use of a clay bar dependant on which we think will get the best results. Read More

Light Paint Enhancement

Over time your car paint can become dull due to large amounts of swirls or micro-scratches in the lacquer of the paint. A light enhancement is a fine, single stage polish designed to take out these swirl markings and restore your paint to a high gloss. Read More

Polishing car paint
car machine polishing

Full Paint Enhancement

Our full paint enhancement is a complete paint solution. Customers have the option of how many stages of polishing they would like, each one removing more imperfections than the last. Customers also have the option for wet sanding if they wish for the ultimate finish. Read More

Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coatings are now seen as the ultimate protective coating for any vehicle. We use top grade Si02 coatings which are one of the hardest materials on earth. Ceramic coatings make your cars paint less susceptible to scratches or contaminants sticking into your paint. Read More

car ceramic coating
car machine polishing

Paint Correction Leeds

Read about our Leeds based mobile paint Correction service, this can consist of a light or full paint Correction, topped with a protective wax or ceramic coating. The service is fully mobile and offers the ultimate paint correction package Read More

Other Services

car interior cleaning

Interior Deodorising

Whether it is due to spillages, food, smoke or damp, we have a full range of equipment and supplies to ensure we can remove any unpleasant smells from your car. We use top enzyme eliminating shampoo and in some cases a fogger to leave your car smelling ultra fresh

"Wheels Off" Detailing

Over time the drum of your wheels can get dirty and the wheel itself can get heavily contaminated with metal fallout particles. We take the wheels off, give the wheel arch and calipers a clean, clay bar your wheels and give them a clean all over. This can really finish your car well

wheels off detailing a car
car engine bay detailed

Engine Bay Detailing

Your engine bay can get very dirty with oil and general road dirt. It is especially important that your engine bay looks its best when selling the vehicle or attending shows. We use specially formulated cleaners to de-grease and clean your engine and engine bay. We then dress all plastics to a factory finish

Winter Headlight Bulb Fitting

Definition Detailing offer a full supply and fitting service of performance headlight bulbs for winter bulbs. These bulbs are a fantastic alternative to blinding HID kits and are up to 170% brighter than your standard bulbs, they are also much whiter and have a further throw of light. See More

wheels off detailing a car
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