mobile Ceramic Coating in leeds

An ultra-hard coating applied to your paint to protect your car against scratches and contamination. We offer ceramic coating and our other car detailing services  in Leeds and the surrounding areas
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The Ultimate Paint protection

Definition Detailing is a leading applicator of ceramic coatings in and around the Leeds area. Ceramic coatings are now seen as the ultimate protective coating for any vehicle rivalled only really by paint protection film which is far more expensive. With a car ceramic coating there is no need to apply car wax to your vehicle or use car polish at all, so say goodbye to that Turtle Wax!

We use top grade Si02 coatings which are one of the hardest materials on earth, they also fill the pores and light swirl marks in your paint to make a smoother and higher gloss finish.

Depending on which of our coatings you choose, a ceramic coating can last up to 5 years before they need reapplying. We do recommend a single stage paint correction prior to coating your car but this isn't essential, polishing before you have a ceramic coating applied will lock in the original shine and add to it. You will always need a paint decontamination prior to having a nano ceramic coating applied, this is usually in the form of a clay bar treatment

As a ceramic coating is an ultra-hard layer on top of your paint, it provides a good level of scratch resistance and eliminates the need for further polishing until the coating has worn off years down the line. ​As well as scratch resistance, ceramic coatings also make washing your car much easier because the dirt simply sits on top of the coating, a standard two bucket wash will see your car back to a showroom shine.

​Ceramic coatings take minimal care to maintain and are great for keeping your vehicles paintwork looking fantastic. ​As we are based in Leeds we carry out our mobile ceramic coating at a place of your choice, in and around the Leeds area

We believe that for customers searching for Car Ceramic Coating Leeds we are the perfect choice

Our process

how we achieve award winning results


exterior wash

Snow foam treatment applied

Detailing of all badges and crevices

Intensive wheel wash

Car rinsed with ultra-pure water and blow dried


paint cleanse

Chemical fallout removal treatment

Chemical tar removal treatment

Clay bar treatment


Paint correction

Initial paint correction with rotary polisher

In-depth paint inspection looking for any visible scratches

Final finishing polish with a dual-action polisher to give the paint ultimate clarity


Paint preparation

Further dry of vehicle to ensure there is no trapped water

Final inspection of paint

Paint treated with a wax dissolver to remove any polish or wax residue to ensure the best adhesion


Application of Coating

Coating applied to each individual panel

Coating buffed off after cure period

Each panel inspected and any imperfections corrected

Coating sprayed with a top coat to ensure maximum gloss and protection


Optional extras

Window and glass coating

Wheel coating (drums or faces)

Plastic and vinyl coating

Leather Coating

Fabric Coating

Ceramic Coating Accreditation Logo

Definition Detailing are the only accredited and certified applicators for AutoBead in West Yorkshire

Thanks Sam, the car is nothing short of immaculate

Dan | Halifax

Couldn't believe how much easier [the car] is to wash

Malcolm | York

Thanks for your hard work on the car, the shine on it is amazing

Larry | Bradford

The paint looks spot on, will let you know how I get on when I wash it. Also that window coating is brilliant

Peter | Leeds

Thanks Sam, the beads on the car look amazing!

Ben | Leeds

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