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Cleaning car pedals

Does the drivers footwell ever actually ever look finished when the pedals are still dirty? We get asked a lot about cleaning car pedals and how to do it best, here is the definitive guide

Do hand car washes use acid

In this article we have a look at what products and chemicals hand car washes may use to wash your wheels. Unlike paint which most of the time is fairly similar, wheels can be painted, polished, powder coated, diamond cut or satin, this means that the chemicals used need to change

Does ceramic coating stop swirl marks

As one of Leeds most respected ceramic coating companies we explain if ceramic coatings stop swirl marks or if its all just marketing

How to protect your car for the winter

Protecting your car is vital in the winter, but are you best to go for a wax or one of the newer ceramic coatings?

Do hand car washes damage your car?

It is often said that hand car washes aren't good for your car, but is this just a myth or should you take the advice? In this article we go through some of the methods that hand car washes use and what affect that may have on your car