vehicle Ozone treatment

A blast of ozone will PERMANENTLY remove all smells from a vehicle, it is commonly used for vehicles where food or drink has been spilt or when a vehicle has been smoked in
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ABOUT our ozone treatment

Definition Detailing are one of the few detailing companies in the UK to have an automotive Ozone machine at our disposal. Ozone completely kills smells on a molecular level, this is not an air freshener or a fogger, it's a permanent solution to any vehicles odour problems.

Usually a vehicle will need to have an interior wet clean and dry before an ozone treatment, this ensures maximum effectiveness of the treatment.

Ozone can be used to remove smells of -
Spilt Milk

Spilt Meat Juices

Pet Odours

Spilt Protein Shakes

Any Food or Drink Spillages

Smoke and Cigarette Odours

​Our Ozone treatment is charged by the hour and you must leave the windows of the car open for at least 3 hours after the treatment, Ozone is extremely effective for smell removal but can also be hazardous to human health until it dissipates

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We bought a second hand car and I could still smell smoke in the fabrics and ceiling, the ozone seems to of done the trick. Been a few months and the smell hasn't returned, doubt it ever will
Ben | Leeds

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