mobile Car Valet in Leeds

Definition detailing are a leading car valeting and detailing company based in leeds. We work on a mobile basis, so no waiting in a dirty hand car wash for you! 

Our standard valet

Our mobile valeting service is one of our most popular at Definition Detailing. We offer a mobile car valeting service from our base here in Leeds throughout all of Yorkshire. No matter whether your car is parked at home, at work or out and about, we can keep your car looking great inside and out.

Our car valet is fully mobile, meaning you don’t need to make time to visit a hand car wash. Everything that we do is based around customer satisfaction and the results we achieve

We don’t offer confusing packages such as a mini valet, full valet etc. We believe in offering one great package where you can add-on services if you need them. Our valets include everything to make most cars look great

We carry out mobile car valeting in Leeds, Wakefield, Huddersfield, Bradford and most of Yorkshire. 

We are specialists in Range Rover, Porsche, Bentley and Tesla. As well as the brands we specialise in, we valet any car to exceptionally high standards.

Our process

how we achieve award winning results


Interior vacuum

All carpets brushed & vacuumed

Mats taken out and vacuumed

Dashboard and air vents brushed and vacuumed

Cup holders and centre console brushed and vacuumed


Interior detailing

Dashboard wet cleaned

Steering wheel, clocks and controls given a deep clean

Pedals and plastics cleaned to remove dirt

Any leather cleaned and conditioned


Intensive wheel wash

Wheels treated with a wheel cleaner

Brushed with special brushes to clean the barrel

Faces brushed to remove all dirt

Faces brushed to remove all dirt


Exterior wash

Car treated with a snow foam and brushed in all crevices and around badges

Paint washed using a two bucket method

Quick Detailer applied to aid drying and add shine

Car given a final rinse with ultra-pure water eliminating the need for drying


finishing touches

Windows cleaned inside and out

Door and boot shuts cleaned

Tyres and plastics dressed

Spray air freshener applied inside


Optional extras

Interior upholstery shampoo treatment

Ozone Treatment

Hand Polish

Hard wax protection

Leather conditioning and coating

Some Recent Work

See a small selection of recent work

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