MOBILE Engine bay detailING

a deep clean for one of the most overlooked yet most important parts of your car
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ABOUT our engine bay detailing

Often the engine bay is hugely overlooked in car detailing, not only does this greatly devalue a car it also means that parts can corrode quicker and become permanently damaged. Our engine bay detailing service is a deep clean for all parts of the engine including the underside of the bonnet, the front sill and any plastic covers.

When carrying out an engine bay detail we clean all reachable parts of the engine, covers, paint and plastics with specially formulated cleaners. All parts are then dried and dressed for a long lasting finish

The engine bay is fully cleaned, degreased and dressed to make sure it looks just as good as the day it left the factory

Our process

how we achieve award winning results


pre soak

Soak engine bay in degreaser

Rinse and reapply presoak


Deep Clean

Spray cleaner and agitate soiled areas

Rinse engine bay

Treat heavily soiled areas with an acid based solution

Clean underside of hood


Finishing Touches

Dress all plastic parts

Blow dry engine

Some Recent Work

See a small selection of recent work

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Definition Detailing Accreditation from Autobead

Definition Detailing are the only accredited and certified applicators for AutoBead in West Yorkshire

Thanks Sam, the car is nothing short of immaculate

Dan | Halifax

Couldn't believe how much easier [the car] is to wash

Malcolm | York

Thanks for your hard work on the car, the shine on it is amazing

Larry | Bradford

The paint looks spot on, will let you know how I get on when I wash it. Also that window coating is brilliant

Peter | Leeds

Thanks Sam, the beads on the car look amazing!

Ben | Leeds

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