Vehicle Paint decontamination

over time a cars paint becomes contaminated with road tar and metal fallout, this affects both the looks and lifespan of your paint

about our paint decontamination

Over time a car paintwork becomes contaminated with various materials, the main two are road tar and metal fallout. Road tar can be easily seen as small black dots on the lower areas of the car. Metal fallout is harder to see but if you look closely you will see small rust spots in the paint.

Paint contamination degrades the look of your paint, with a heavily contaminated car you will never be able to make it look clean.

Definition Detailing use a wide range of chemicals and materials to fully decontaminate your car. Paint decontamination is essential if you want your car to look its best

We offer a fully mobile paint decontamination service in the Yorkshire area

Our process

how we achieve award winning results


exterior wash

Snow foam treatment applied

Detailing of all badges and crevices

Intensive wheel wash


Chemical treatment

Chemical fallout removal treatment

Chemical tar removal treatment


Clay treatment

Clay bar treatment to remove any remaining contamination

2 bucket wash to remove any residue

Some Recent Work

See a small selection of recent work

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Definition Detailing are the only accredited and certified applicators for AutoBead in West Yorkshire

Thanks Sam, the car is nothing short of immaculate

Dan | Halifax

Couldn't believe how much easier [the car] is to wash

Malcolm | York

Thanks for your hard work on the car, the shine on it is amazing

Larry | Bradford

The paint looks spot on, will let you know how I get on when I wash it. Also that window coating is brilliant

Peter | Leeds

Thanks Sam, the beads on the car look amazing!

Ben | Leeds

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