MOBILE Wheels-off detailING

a deep decontaminate and clean of your cars wheels

ABOUT our wheels-off detailing

Wheels-off detailing is one of the best ways to finish off the look of a car. No matter how much you try to clean inside the barrel of your wheels, there will still be road tar and metal fallout in the drum. A wheels-off detail removes the wheels from the car and then we fully decontaminate the wheels and polish them if needed. A wheels off detail also has the advantage of been able to give all parts of the wheel arch a deep clean including your suspension, lining material, brakes etc.

After a wheels-off detail we wax all parts of the wheel as standard, for customers wanting the ultimate protection, your wheels can then be ceramic coated if you would like

Our wheels-off detailing service is the best way to fully clean your wheels and arches, having pristine wheel drums and brakes etc really polishes off the look of your car

Our process

how we achieve award winning results


Wheel removal

All wheels removed from vehicle

Vehicle placed on axle stands


Wheel clean

Wheels washed

Chemical decontamination treatment

Clay bar treatment


Polishing & Protection

Wheels polished (optional)

Wheels protected with a wheel sealant

Full ceramic coating protection (optional)


Finishing touches

Wheel arches given a deep clean

Callipers, suspension etc cleaned

Tyres dressed

Some Recent Work

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Definition Detailing are the only accredited and certified applicators for AutoBead in West Yorkshire

Thanks Sam, the car is nothing short of immaculate

Dan | Halifax

Couldn't believe how much easier [the car] is to wash

Malcolm | York

Thanks for your hard work on the car, the shine on it is amazing

Larry | Bradford

The paint looks spot on, will let you know how I get on when I wash it. Also that window coating is brilliant

Peter | Leeds

Thanks Sam, the beads on the car look amazing!

Ben | Leeds

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